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1 juni beaches open marina baixa

From Monday, June 1, all provinces in the autonomous region of Valencia will be in the de-escalation phase 2. From that date, the municipalities in the provinces of Alicante, Valencia and Castellón will also be allowed to open the beaches and swim in the sea again, but then with measures to be taken. However, the municipalities of Benidorm and Torrevieja have already indicated that they will wait at least two more weeks before using the beaches, while other municipalities will open the beaches from Monday.

The cities of Alicante and Elche will immediately open the beaches from Monday 1 June so that all inhabitants can go sunbathing and swimming in the sea again. But under which circumstances and with what measures it is not yet known.

Precisely because of the measures to be taken, Benidorm and Torrevieja have decided to open the beaches only 14 days later on June 15. In other words, until June 15, swimming in Benidorm and Torrevieja is not allowed.

This decision was made because these municipalities do not yet have a plan to check the number of people present and to ensure that the beachgoers present may only be present on the beaches for a certain period of time.

As the rules indicate, only 50% of the normal allowable capacity may be present on the beaches, which is no more than 15,000 beachgoers on 6 kilometers of beach in Benidorm.