Recovery housing market in Spain

The housing market in Spain is recovering at an accelerating pace, after the main measures to limit people’s mobility have fallen due to the coronavirus pandemic. There were 153,145 transactions between July and September.

The percentage of home purchases by foreigners in the third quarter has again risen above 10%, reaching 10.8%, surpassing the 16,100 transactions made by foreigners last summer.

Despite this good data, the impact of the pandemic and the consequences of Brexit are still being felt by British citizens, whose purchases in the Spanish housing market are minimal. For the first time since the development of the Registrars statistics, the British did not lead the results of home purchases by foreigners for a quarter.

It is the Germans who top the list on this occasion, with a weight of 10.4% of the total purchases of houses by foreigners in Spain, more than 1,680 transactions. As a result, the British rose to second place with 9.9% and almost 1,600 transactions. They are followed by the French (7.8% and 1,262 purchases), Moroccans (6.5% and 1,055 purchases), Belgians (5.6%) and Romanians (5.3%), and the Netherlands (4.2%)

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