State of emergency in Spain lifted

On May 9, the state of emergency in Spain was lifted.
As a result, the corona measures have been adjusted again.
This makes it possible to travel throughout Spain without any problems. to the various states / provinces. The catering establishments are in Comunidad Valencia until 00.00
open, and the curfew has also been extended to midnight, which may vary by state.

So it is interesting to fly again.
However, you must have a PCR test performed 72 hours before you leave.
You also need a QR code, see:

Traveling from Spain to Belgium, see the info on this link:


From Spain to the Netherlands you must have a quick test done 24 hours before your departure.
We are happy to help you find the right addresses for a test, we can also make arrangements for you so that everything is perfectly arranged for a safe and relaxed return journey.


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