Free housing and a job In Spain!

The “emptying” of villages is becoming an increasing problem. Many Villages are looking for new fellow villagers. For example, it is possible to keep the local pub in Zucaina open to discuss the necessary daily talks and facts with each other. Rent-free, and often with (free) housing, which of course generated hundreds of responses! Especially in this corona period, it is very important to maintain contact with often older residents. Schools also need a minimum number of pupils. That’s why villages look for residents and they do this by offering free housing and sometimes even a job! This was also the case in the village of La tower dén doménec in the province of Castellón near Valencia. The village of Tabanera de Cerrato in the province of Palencia was looking for someone to keep the grocery store open, and also in Jasa someone was looking for someone to run the restaurant-bar. If you have a family with children you can rent a house for € 150 per month in Ayna in the province of Albacete with the aim of keeping the local school open.

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